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How time distorts things.

Not too long ago it seems, I was young, had a full set of hair, and above all else, I had time. Now with 3 boys, a wife, and less time than ever I have to get creative with when… Read more...

The last Awnry Bike

Last November I had the idea of fulfilling a dream of mine and having my own line of bikes so I created “Awnry Bikes” from a gag that we posted years ago. Well, I have finally sold the last Awnry… Read more...

A new friend

Hello Bike Commuters! So it turns out that one of the guys from my local bike shop is a bike commuter AND a Vlogger! Here is a video of him giving sound advise about bike commuting: Check out his YouTube… Read more...

Insulated water bottles, are they worth it?

My wife dragged my ass to a big box store and as I always do, I hit up the bicycle section to see what kind of crap they sell. Well, this time an insulated water bottle caught my attention and… Read more...

Itís HOT!

Hello bike commuters! Summer is here and I always get asked about riding to work during the hot summer days. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, here are a few articles we wrote about staying cool: Dealing with the heat by… Read more...

More riding, less writing

Hello fellow Bike Commuters, roadies and mountain bikers! It has been a while since I’ve posted but to be truthful I have not been commuting on my bike lately and I don’t really want to be one of those bloggers… Read more...

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  • Hope PF41 Bottom Bracket Spacer

    Hope PF41 Bottom Bracket Spacer
    Hope PF41 Bottom Bracket SpacerSpacer for the Hope PF41 Bottom Bracket Buy Hope Components from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store...(more)

    $0.99 More Details
  • Brand-X Gear Outer

    Brand-X Gear Outer
    Brand-X Gear Outer A tough, high quality gear outer cable from Brand-X. Perfect for Road or MTB use Available in black or white Features: Sold per metre - each ...(more)

    $0.99 More Details
  • Cinelli Bar End Plugs

    Cinelli Bar End Plugs
    Cinelli Bar End Plugs Replacement Cinelli bar-end plugs. Cinelli Bar End Features: Material: Plastic Style: Screw On Size: Short Weight: 24grams per pair Buy Ci...(more)

    $0.99 More Details
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