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Budget-Friendly Pointer If You Are Planning to Buy a Road Bike

Buying bikes online or entering a bike shop can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time there, but do not despair, you don’t need to be a billionaire to buy a quality bike, you just need to know… Read more...

Benefits of Biking to Work

Our grandparents and their grandparents have witnessed the massive development in transportation means. In 1769, mankind witnessed the invention of the first steam-powered automobile by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot. And only after 48 years, we adopted a new transportation tool – a… Read more...

So I bought a bike from Amazon

Hello Bike Commuters! It has been a while since I posted, but things have changed quite a bit. Unfortunately I am no longer doing the Bike-Train commute thing, I am really bummed about that. I used to take the train… Read more...

Why Every Biker Needs a Cool Wallet

What makes a biker wallet so special On the one hand, it’s a well-known pocketbook that folds in two or three and has several pockets for bills, business cards, receipts, credit cards, and change. Like the accessories for men, biker… Read more...

An Introduction to Gravel Adventures

I’ve written about gravel and how it’s changed my way of thinking and riding, now I want to share what I’ve learned. This ride is not a “road” or a “mountain” ride, it’s mixed terrian and a lot of fun.… Read more...

Flowfold Optimist Limited Mini Backpack review

Hello Bike Commuters! Happy “Bike to work month-week-day”! So to celebrate we have a review of a neat little backpack from Flowfold. This backpack is designed for people who do not have to carry an entire storage unit worth of… Read more...

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  • Grangers Odour Eliminator

    Grangers Odour Eliminator
    Grangers Odour EliminatorSmell? What smell? Effective on all kinds of footwear and fabrics - eliminates odours at their source, rather than acting as a masking ...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Grangers Footwear Repel

    Grangers Footwear Repel
    Grangers Footwear RepelSuitable for all types of footwear - Footwear Repel maintains the breathability of waterproof membranes in a simple, easy to use spray ap...(more)

    $7.99 More Details
  • Grangers Gear Cleaner

    Grangers Gear Cleaner
    Grangers Gear CleanerThe power to clean all your gear – without the need for a washing machine. Granger’s Gear Cleaner is a high-performance spray cleaner d...(more)

    $5.49 More Details
  • Grangers Merino Wash

    Grangers Merino Wash
    Grangers Merino WashGranger’s Merino Wash is a wash-in formulation specifically designed to clean and care for all merino and woollen clothing Merino is somet...(more)

    $5.99 More Details
  • Nikwax Tech Wash - 300ml

    Nikwax Tech Wash - 300ml
    Nikwax Tech Wash - 300mlWash-in cleaner for waterproof clothing and equipmentSafely revitalises breathability and water-repellencyThis product is a non-detergen...(more)

    $5.49 More Details
  • Nikwax Nikwax TX Direct - 100ml

    Nikwax Nikwax TX Direct - 100ml
    Nikwax Nikwax TX Direct - 100mlBreathable waterproof garments are most likely to get sweaty and wet inside when used in damp or wet conditions. If the outer fab...(more)

    $3.49 More Details