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Prologo CPC Nago Evo Saddle - Tirox Rails - PRO-NAEVTN4HBC2-AM - Saddles sku

- PRO-NAEVTN4HBC2-AM by Prologo

Item description: This Saddles Prologo product is by Prologo - The Nago Evo is a unisex semi round saddle ideal for medium to long distance road and XC riding. It offers great versatility for riders that like a choice of riding positions. It's equally suited to weekend rides and racing. Specifications: Size (mm): 278 * 134 - 278 * 141 Weight (gr): 228 - 235 Base: Carbon Fiber Injection Rail available: TiroX Cover: Microfiber + CPC Padding: Light Foam Technologies: CPC: Connect Power Control: Prologo patented technology the specially designed CPC surface features 3D polymer volcanoes arranged for maximum benefit. This includes optimum grip shock absorption and air cooling. Furthermore it enhances blood flow through massaging action reducing numbness and tendon related discomfort. In turn this reduces fatigue. TiroX: Lightweight alloy steel rail. This is an aerospace grade metal with a high resistance to traction and torsion. Well suited to the stresses of a performance saddle it offers a good alternative to carbon Nack rails. It has 7mm rail clamp diameter. ESD: Ergo Shape Design: This is a refined saddle shape developed as a result of biomechanical studies done by Prologo over several years. ESD saddles feature a slender front area and a short rear area that quickly reaches maximum width. This permits a round pedal stroke allowing the rider to maintain a natural position. The legs of the cyclist have more space during all phases of the pedal stroke reducing friction and increasing alignment and performance. Finally the opening swift of the rear part of the saddle helps the rider to find the correct support and support of the ischial bones. This prevents sliding forward and any rotation of the pelvis.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Prologo

Category: Prologo


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