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Continental Mud King MTB Tyre - ProTection - 100918-6PACK - Tires and Wheels sku

- 100918-6PACK by Continental

Item description: This Tires and Wheels Tyres product is by Continental - Continental Mud King MTB Tyre - ProTectionMud should not stop the game!When cross country riders are slogging their way around the track in the rain, that’s when you know it’s time for the “Mud King” 1.8. Its outstanding profile grabs the surface even under the muddiest conditions. Thanks to BlackChili Compound, the tyre is excellent at self-cleaning and offers a steady grip even on wet roots and stones. The reinforced ProTection casing greatly reduces the chances of any unwanted punctures during races. In addition, they are easily converted to tubeless as they feature a tubeless compatible bead. Mud King + rain = fun in the mud! Specifications:ETRTOSizeWeightBeadTechnologyPSI - Rec. InflationPSI - Max InflationPly/TPI47-55926x1 8700FoldingProTection, BlackChili Compound, Tubeless Ready50654/240Buy  Continental Wheels & Tyres from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Continental

Category: Tyres


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