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Continental Gatorskin Road Bike Tyre - 100437-10PACK - Tires and Wheels sku

- 100437-10PACK by Continental

Item description: This Tires and Wheels Tyres product is by Continental - Continental Gatorskin Road Bike TyreDesigned to go the distance in all conditions, Continental's Gatorskin Road Bike Tyre is the go-to tyre of choice for cyclists who need a tyre that is durable and reliable with excellent puncture protection Made for the Worst ConditionsThis Gatorskin tyre has been specifically designed to withstand the harshest of tests. Made from a durable carbon black mixture and featuring Continental's bespoke technologies like DuraSkin® for superior sidewall protection and PolyX Breaker for puncture resistance, this Gatorskin tyre transforms your bicycle into a machine that can battle wet and wintery conditions or nasty, sharp road debris Features: PolyX breaker provides enhanced puncture resistance DuraSkin Sidewall TPI: 3/180 Specifications: ETRTO Size Weight Bead Technology PSI - Rec   Inflation PSI - Max  Inflation Ply/TPI 23-622 700x23 220g Folding PolyX Breaker, DuraSkin 110 120 3/180 23-622 700x23 290g Wire PolyX Breaker, DuraSkin 110 120 3/180 25-622 700x25 240g Folding PolyX Breaker, DuraSkin 95 120 3/180 25-622 700x25 310g Wire PolyX Breaker, DuraSkin 110 120 3/180 28-622 700x28 320g Folding PolyX Breaker, DuraSkin 95 116 3/180 28-622 700x28 360g Wire PolyX Breaker, DuraSkin 95 116 3/180 32-622 700x32 325g Folding PolyX Breaker, DuraSkin 85 102 3/180 32-622 700x32 365g Wire PolyX Breaker, DuraSkin 85 102 3/180 32-630 27x1 1/4 390g Wire PolyX Breaker, DuraSkin 85 102 3/180 Technologies:DuraSkin®: Tyres with DuraSkin sidewall protection have to roll with the punches. These tyres are used in the harshest conditions. On messenger bikes, on epic travel bikes crossing continents without wearing through and in professional cycling they have to endure tough tests such as Paris-Roubaix. The high-quality polyamide fabric reliably protects the casing of the tyre and protects the tyre from the worst conditions. These tyres stand out with their brown sidewalls. The slick natural rubber tread is designed to perform well in wet/wintery conditions PolyX Breaker Technology: With their PolyX Breaker, Continental brings PKW know-how to the bike tyre arena – Polyester has been used successfully for years in car tyres and been tried and tested many times. The extremely resistant polyester fibre is woven tightly crosswire making a very high fabric density which not only makes the Breaker more resistant to foreign objects, but is also resistant to punctures. The rolling resistance is not effected either by the PolyX Breaker Buy Continen... Learn More

Manufacturer: Continental

Category: Tyres


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