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Cant, van der Poel win CX World Cup; TUEs a fair tactic? CT Daily News Digest

Supported by In today’s edition of the Daily News Digest: Van der Poel and Cant victorious in round 4 of the CX World Cup;áGetting TUEs was a legitimate competitive tactic – Shane Sutton;áNibali and Gaviria expected to headline 2018 Tour of San Juan;áJakob Fuglsang to target the Tour in 2018;áLouis Meintj...

The Natural: Mathieu Van der Poel is the most talented bike racer on the planet

Earlier this year, cyclocross star Mathieu Van der Poel beat Tour of Flanders champion Philippe Gilbert on the road. Two days later, he came close to spoiling Olympic champion Nino Schurters perfect mountain-bike season. Its worth noting that neither discipline is his speciality, and that he was 22 at the time. His potential seems limitless. Could he be the greatest talent cycling has ever seen The post The Natural: Mathieu Van der Poel is the most talented bike racer on the planet appeared firs...

Wiggins case: Sutton suggests getting TUEs was a legitimate competitive tactic

Supported by Former British Cycling and Team Sky head coach Shane Sutton has added fuel to the flames relating to Bradley Wigginsĺ controversial use of the corticosteroid triamcinolone, suggesting that acquiring therapeutic use exemptions was a legitimate competitive tactic. ôIf youĺve got an athlete thatĺs 95% ready...

Wiggins for Rowing Champs, Matthews wins Oppy Medal: Daily News Digest

Supported by Wiggins confirmed for British Rowing Indoor Championships; Matthews wins first Oppy Medal; Controversial former Team Sky doctor asked to leave track World Cup; No Motor Needed: Cancellara challenges Gaimon; Van Vleuten confirms her plans to target the individual pursuit at track world championships; Chan...

Budget road pedals compared: Shimano vs. Look vs. Time

Fancy composite bodies, carbon-fiber springs, ceramic bearings, ultralight weights, titanium hardware, aero schmero Ś high-end road pedals are chock-full of all sorts of fancy marketing buzz words and expensive technology. But the budget-minded among us only care about one thing: whatĺs the best option for the money CyclingTips US technical editor James Huang gathered up … The post Budget road pedals compared: Shimano vs. Look vs. Time appeared first on CyclingTips. ...

Photo gallery: The unique beauty of the Indian National Road Championships

Naveen John is the newly minted 2017 Indian National Champion in both the time trial and the road race. Late last month he became the first rider in over a decade to win the ôdoubleö in his country. In 2016, he was the first Indian to ride for a Continental-registered team ľ the erstwhile State … The post Photo gallery: The unique beauty of the Indian National Road Championships appeared first on CyclingTips. ...

Garmin USB Mini Cable - 010-10723-01 - Nutrition sku

Garmin USB Mini Cable - 010-10723-01 by Garmin

Item description: This Nutrition GPS product is by Garmin - Garmin USB Mini CableGet the most out of your device with the Garmin USB cable. Create routes and waypoints on your personal computer and transfer them to your device using the USB cable On compatible devices, use the USB cable to transfer photos and music and turn your device into a portable photo album or music player. You can even use the USB cable to charge your device! Compatible products for this item are: aera┬« 500aera┬« 550Approach┬« G3 EuropeApproach┬« G5 EuropeEdge┬« 200eTrex Legend┬« CeTrex Legend┬« CxeTrex Legend┬« HeTrex Legend┬« HCxeTrex Summit┬« HCeTrex Venture┬« CxeTrex Venture┬« HCeTrex Vista┬« CeTrex Vista┬« CxeTrex Vista┬« HeTrex Vista┬« HCxeTrex┬« 10eTrex┬« 20eTrex┬« 30Forerunner┬« 205Forerunner┬« 305Foretrex┬« 301Foretrex┬« 401GPS 60ÔäóGPS 72HÔäóGPS 76ÔäóGPSMAP┬« 296GPSMAP┬« 495GPSMAP┬« 496GPSMAP┬« 60GPSMAP┬« 60CSGPSMAP┬« 60CSxGPSMAP┬« 60CxGPSMAP┬« 62GPSMAP┬« 62sGPSMAP┬« 62scGPSMAP┬« 62stGPSMAP┬« 62stcGPSMAP┬« 695GPSMAP┬« 76GPSMAP┬« 76CGPSMAP┬« 76CSGPSMAP┬« 78GPSMAP┬« 78sGTUÔäó 10iQue┬« 3000n├╝Link!Ôäó 2390n├╝vi┬« 1200n├╝vi┬« 1210n├╝vi┬« 1240n├╝vi┬« 1300n├╝vi┬« 1310n├╝vi┬« 1340Tn├╝vi┬« 1370Tn├╝vi┬« 1410n├╝vi┬« 1440n├╝vi┬« 1490Tn├╝vi┬« 1490TVn├╝vi┬« 1690n├╝vi┬« 200n├╝vi┬« 200Wn├╝vi┬« 205n├╝vi┬« 2360LTn├╝vi┬« 2440n├╝vi┬« 2460LTn├╝vi┬« 250n├╝vi┬« 250Wn├╝vi┬« 255W(T)n├╝vi┬« 265Tn├╝vi┬« 265WTn├╝vi┬« 270n├╝vi┬« 300Tn├╝vi┬« 310Tn├╝vi┬« 350n├╝vi┬« 360Tn├╝vi┬« 370TOregon┬« 300Oregon┬« 400tOregon┬« 450Oregon┬« 450tOregon┬« 550Oregon┬« 550tStreetPilot┬« 2610StreetPilot┬« 2620StreetPilot┬« 2650StreetPilot┬« 2660StreetPilot┬« 2730StreetPilot┬« 7200StreetPilot┬« c510z┼źmo┬« 220z┼źmo┬« 660Buy Garmin Nutrition & Training from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Garmin

Category: GPS


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