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Strava expands with new office in Denver

Supported by Strava, the social network for athletes, announced Tuesday that it is opening a new office in Denver, Colorado. With more than 140 employees in San Francisco, Hanover, New Hampshire, and Bristol, UK, Strava said in a press release that it believes Denver offers “access to a depth of talent in one o...

Villalobos wins at San Juan; strong field for Abu Dhabi Tour: Daily News Digest

Supported by Villalobos wins stage 2, takes race lead at Vuelta a San Juan; Benoot pleased with unexpected third place; Impressive lineup announced for Abu Dhabi Tour; Abu Dhabi route details unveiled; KordaMentha Real Estate – Australian national teams announced for Cadel Evans Great Road Race; INRNG on Armstr...

Alchemy Eros frameset review: Titaniumĺs magic is still alive and well

Too many riders like to describe the ride qualities of different frame materials in grossly generic terms. Carbon fiber is light and stiff, but dead. Aluminum is harsh. Titanium is buttery smooth. Steeliness is next to godliness. But modern manufacturing methods have long ago cast those generalizations aside, and the Eros titanium road frameset from … The post Alchemy Eros frameset review: Titanium’s magic is still alive and well appeared first on CyclingTips. ...

The story behind the surprise prize parity announcement at the Santos Womenĺs Tour

Just when we thought we were putting the excitement of the four-day Santos Womenĺs Tour Down Under behind us for another year, the South Australian Government has come out with some big news. Not content with the mandated payouts for the womenĺs race, áprize parity this year was always their aim. Yes, the menĺs race … The post The story behind the surprise prize parity announcement at the Santos Womenĺs Tour appeared first on CyclingTips. ...

The road to Nairoĺs house

In the gap between Nairo and Narcos lies the real Colombia, a nation of massive climbs and perfect coffee that condemns any visitor to a lifetime of nostalgia. The post The road to Nairo’s house appeared first on CyclingTips. ...

Bikes of the Bunch: Fan bikes at the Tour Down Under

I spotted it the first morning, just after 6:30am, leaning against a fence under the giant inflatable bicycle that looms over the Tour Down Underĺs start village complex: A white and blue Colnago C60 dotted with the distinctively colorful cubes of Mapei, a design that remains one of the most beloved in cycling. That bike, … The post Bikes of the Bunch: Fan bikes at the Tour Down Under appeared first on CyclingTips. ...

Garmin USB Mini Cable - 010-10723-01 - Nutrition sku

Garmin USB Mini Cable - 010-10723-01 by Garmin

Item description: This Nutrition GPS product is by Garmin - Garmin USB Mini CableGet the most out of your device with the Garmin USB cable. Create routes and waypoints on your personal computer and transfer them to your device using the USB cable On compatible devices, use the USB cable to transfer photos and music and turn your device into a portable photo album or music player. You can even use the USB cable to charge your device! Compatible products for this item are: aera┬« 500aera┬« 550Approach┬« G3 EuropeApproach┬« G5 EuropeEdge┬« 200eTrex Legend┬« CeTrex Legend┬« CxeTrex Legend┬« HeTrex Legend┬« HCxeTrex Summit┬« HCeTrex Venture┬« CxeTrex Venture┬« HCeTrex Vista┬« CeTrex Vista┬« CxeTrex Vista┬« HeTrex Vista┬« HCxeTrex┬« 10eTrex┬« 20eTrex┬« 30Forerunner┬« 205Forerunner┬« 305Foretrex┬« 301Foretrex┬« 401GPS 60ÔäóGPS 72HÔäóGPS 76ÔäóGPSMAP┬« 296GPSMAP┬« 495GPSMAP┬« 496GPSMAP┬« 60GPSMAP┬« 60CSGPSMAP┬« 60CSxGPSMAP┬« 60CxGPSMAP┬« 62GPSMAP┬« 62sGPSMAP┬« 62scGPSMAP┬« 62stGPSMAP┬« 62stcGPSMAP┬« 695GPSMAP┬« 76GPSMAP┬« 76CGPSMAP┬« 76CSGPSMAP┬« 78GPSMAP┬« 78sGTUÔäó 10iQue┬« 3000n├╝Link!Ôäó 2390n├╝vi┬« 1200n├╝vi┬« 1210n├╝vi┬« 1240n├╝vi┬« 1300n├╝vi┬« 1310n├╝vi┬« 1340Tn├╝vi┬« 1370Tn├╝vi┬« 1410n├╝vi┬« 1440n├╝vi┬« 1490Tn├╝vi┬« 1490TVn├╝vi┬« 1690n├╝vi┬« 200n├╝vi┬« 200Wn├╝vi┬« 205n├╝vi┬« 2360LTn├╝vi┬« 2440n├╝vi┬« 2460LTn├╝vi┬« 250n├╝vi┬« 250Wn├╝vi┬« 255W(T)n├╝vi┬« 265Tn├╝vi┬« 265WTn├╝vi┬« 270n├╝vi┬« 300Tn├╝vi┬« 310Tn├╝vi┬« 350n├╝vi┬« 360Tn├╝vi┬« 370TOregon┬« 300Oregon┬« 400tOregon┬« 450Oregon┬« 450tOregon┬« 550Oregon┬« 550tStreetPilot┬« 2610StreetPilot┬« 2620StreetPilot┬« 2650StreetPilot┬« 2660StreetPilot┬« 2730StreetPilot┬« 7200StreetPilot┬« c510z┼źmo┬« 220z┼źmo┬« 660Buy Garmin Nutrition & Training from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Garmin

Category: GPS


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