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Freedom Thickslick Elite Road Tire - 50-4638 - Tires and Wheels sku

- 50-4638 by Wtb

Item description: This Tires and Wheels Bicycle Tires product is by Wtb - Freedom Thickslick Elite Road Tire. The Freedom Thickslick Sport road tire gives you the confidence you need to safely navigate even the roughest of city streets. The Thickslick features a nice, round profile for a smooth and comfortable ride with superior grip through corners. When it comes to puncture protection, the Thickslick does things the old fashioned way: two layers of extra thick rubber keep your delicate inner tubes protected from whatever the road throws in your way. Plus, with the Elite model, you also get the Urban Armor Casing for extra protection from cuts and punctures. Not only does the double layered rubber improve puncture protection but it also gives you a more comfortable ride thanks to rubber's natural vibration dampening properties, and gives you outstanding mileage thanks to the extra thick casing.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Wtb

Keywords: City Bike Tires

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Category: Bicycle Tires


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