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Our own private Idaho: the landscape of discovery

Sometimes you just need to get away and ride your bike somewhere new – somewhere you’ve always longed to see in person. That was the mindset we had when we decided to step out of our usual comfort zone, and fly off (with bikes in tow) to the vast expanses of the Idaho countryside. The post Our own private Idaho: the landscape of discovery appeared first on CyclingTips. ...

Ashmei: heading down under to champion merino

The post Ashmei: heading down under to champion merino appeared first on CyclingTips. ...

A mother’s forgiveness: Why Pat Hall hugged the driver that killed her son

The inquest into the death of ultra-endurance racer Mike Hall was held in Canberra last month. It flared emotions, difficult memories, and prompted concerned discussions about the police investigation and the perceived apportioning of blame. However, blame was the last thing on the mind of the British rider’s mother. Pat Hall knew the path forward … The post A mother’s forgiveness: Why Pat Hall hugged the driver that killed her son appeared first on CyclingTips. ...

Masterclass: Anodising titanium with Mooro Cycles

Welcome to Masterclass, a series where we take you behind the scenes with renowned artisans to share the effort that goes into their craft. In some cases, there will be tips and tricks to help you practise at home; other times, we’ll simply provide an advanced understanding of how something is created. In this edition … The post Masterclass: Anodising titanium with Mooro Cycles appeared first on CyclingTips. ...

Wiggins says Armstrong ‘singled out’; racing Roubaix at 52: Daily News Digest

Supported by Welcome to your Daily News Digest. Here’s what’s happening today: Bradley Wiggins, once very critical of Lance Armstrong, defended the Texan on British radio. Also, Quick-Step’s winning ways seem to never end and Mark Cavendish looks set to ride for Dimension Data next season. And, a fo...

End of the road: John Herety on the ‘heartbreaking’ closure of JLT-Condor

Back in mid-September, British Continental team JLT-Condor announced it would be closing its doors at season’s end. It’s not the only team to have called it a day in recent months, but for British cycling, the news of JLT-Condor’s closure is significant. More than a decade old, JLT-Condor is Britain’s longest-running UCI team and a … The post End of the road: John Herety on the ‘heartbreaking’ closure of JLT-Condor appeared first on CyclingTips. ...

SKU-40-5548 Nuun Performance Drink Mix Pouch from Performance Bicycle  sku

Nuun Performance Drink Mix Pouch - 40-5548 by Nuun

Item description: This Nutrition Sports Nutrition product is by Nuun - Nuun Performance Drink Mix Pouch. For those intense or long workouts in the saddle, reach for Nuun Performance Drink Mix to improve your hydration and reduce your stomach distress. Formulated based on how your system performs under stress, Nuun Performance Drink Mix is a precise combination of electrolytes and carbohydrates needed when you've got more miles than usual to cover. Nuun Performance Drink Mix only uses clean ingredients, such as dried fruit powder, and allows you to conveniently make exactly as much as you need each time.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Nuun

Keywords: Sports Drinks

Store: offers a huge selection of the best cycling products with over 10,000 items online at competitive prices. Plus, you can take advantage of shipping products directly from to your local Performance Bicycle store location with our Ship to Store program.

Category: Sports Nutrition


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